5 rabbits dumped outside Humane Society’s animal shelter in Kitchener

Crackle is one of several bunnies currently looking for a new home. KW & SP Humane Society

The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth says it is being overwhelmed by people who are looking to surrender their rabbits.

The agency says they believe someone dumped five rabbits outside the Kitchener Waterloo Animal Centre overnight on Sunday.

It says staff arrived on Monday morning and found the rabbits loose outside of the facility.

“Abandoning an animal is not only extremely dangerous for their health and well-being but can also be deemed an offence under provincial legislation,” Amanda Hawkins, senior manager of animal care, said in a release.

The Humane Society also took in a sixth rabbit over the weekend and is now caring for 18 rabbits between its facilities in Kitchener and Stratford.

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In addition, another 34 rabbits are currently on the waiting list for shelter.

“We are here to support our communities and are trying to bring rabbits in as fast as we have space and foster homes to assist us,” Hawkins said.

The Humane Society is asking for the public’s help as they need foster space and money to pay the vet bills as well as other items.

Among the items they are asking the public to donate are fresh greens, timothy and alfalfa hay, rabbit chew toys and pet store gift cards for other essentials.

The agency says it has posted information about several rabbits that are available for adoption on its website and will add others as they become available.

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