10 more red light cameras proposed for suburban, mountain intersections in Hamilton

Red light cameras will be installed a 10 suburban and Hamilton mountain intersections in 2022. Global News

Red light cameras are being proposed for another 10 Hamilton intersections, mostly on the mountain and in the suburbs.

The recommended locations are within a report that will be presented to the city’s public works committee on Monday.

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Proposed mountain intersections include Garth Street and Fennell Avene, Stone Church Road and Upper Paradise Road, and Upper James Street and Airport Road.

If the staff recommendation is approved, suburban cameras would be destined for places like Highway 8 and Gray Road, Barton Street and Fruitland Road, Paramount Drive and Winterberry Drive, Cootes Drive and Dundas Street, Highway 5 and Hamilton Street and Garner Road and Southcote Road.

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Hamilton already has about 30 red light cameras designed to prevent red light running, a major cause of right angle collisions, which a staff report says often result in serious injuries.

The city adds that statistics gathered from current camera locations, show they are generally successful in decreasing both the number and severity of motor vehicle crashes.

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