Spring road maintenance underway in Saskatchewan cities

Click to play video: 'Spring road maintenance underway in Saskatchewan cities' Spring road maintenance underway in Saskatchewan cities
Now that spring has officially started , there's also many concerns surrounding possible flooding, potholes and allergies. Taz Dhaliwal has more on what residents should know as we transition into a new season. – Mar 21, 2022

Spring has sprung, but Saskatchewan residents aren’t basking in pretty, flowery scenery just yet.

With the heavy snow melt comes concerns of clearing standing water and keeping roads safe for both vehicles and pedestrians.

“Keeping property safe and dry is going to take a team approach from the city crews and residents, the best way to move all that water from our neighborhoods is through the storm drain,” said Kurtis Doney, director of water, waste and environment with the City of Regina.

Doney adds that crews are out working 24/7, day and night, to hustle through the quick snow-melting process the city is currently experiencing.

City crews are also out tackling the many potholes surfacing across Regina.

“Potholes are repaired by road priority first and then systematically through neighbourhoods similar to winter road maintenance operations,” said Chris Warren, director of roadways and transportation for the City of Regina.

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“Main roads, such as bus routes and high volume traffic, such a Lewvan and Ring Road are prioritized first followed by residential roads in those neighbourhoods,” he added.

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The city has stated its roadways asphalt maintenance budget is approximately $6 million for 2022.

The money is allocated for all asphalt repairs, including potholes. The types of conditions that are seen during inspection will determine how much is spent on each repair method.

So far, the city has received 169 service requests for potholes from Jan. 1., to March. 1., of this year.

During the same time last year, only 84 requests were made, and in the year before that, in 2020, even fewer calls were made, when crews only attended to 73 service requests.

Through a PSA on its website, the City of Saskatoon says its crews are also taking a similar approach to deal with storm drainage and potholes.

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When it comes to fighting seasonal spring allergies, according to Kelly Kizlyk with the Univeristy of Saskatchewan, prevention and limiting exposure to triggers is best.

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“As much as we don’t want to be inside, maybe when pollen counts are high or within that rapid time of melting right now,” said Kizlyk.

“That’s when snow mold is moist. Snow mold can really be aggravating for allergy sufferers. If you can avoid the allergen during those times, that’s a good idea.”

Kizlyk advises people to keep their windows closed if pollen is a major aggravator for them, especially on windy days. She continues to say an air purifier can significantly help with allergens.

Another tip the pharmacist has is to consider wearing a mask while shoveling or doing yard work.

She adds if residents can’t avoid triggers, then taking allergy medication is another option, along with speaking to a pharmacist to find out what works for you, especially since there are a number of different allergy medications on the market.

Click to play video: 'Saskatoon gears up for snow melt' Saskatoon gears up for snow melt
Saskatoon gears up for snow melt – Mar 17, 2022

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