Carats and ranch: Hidden Valley auctions diamond ring made from salad dressing

This ring pairs beautifully with any toddler food. Hidden Valley / Ebay

Every kiss begins with… salad dressing?

Nope. That’s not how that slogan goes. Not even close.

In news you definitely didn’t have on this year’s bingo card: Hidden Valley Ranch is accepting eBay bids for a diamond ring made from their infamous dressing.

Hidden Valley / Ebay

Bidding on the rock started on March 10, National Ranch Day, and opened at US$310.

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As of publication time, the highest bid was sitting at $13,250 and will likely go for more when the auction expires the morning of Thurs., March 17.

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Forget about trying to make three month’s salary last forever. To make The Ranch Ring, the company heated some of their ranch seasoning to 2,500 F, crushed the output graphite beneath 400 tons of pressure and then waited five months.

Voila! A two-carat piece of finger candy that pairs beautifully with pizza, wings or crudités.

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According to Hidden Valley, this unique gemstone is “the ultimate expression of true love” and the first-of-its-kind human-made diamond created from ranch.

The brilliant-cut stone is set in a 14K white gold band and, of course, has HVR LVR engraved inside the band.

The Ranch Ring is engraved, just in case the wearer forgets how much they love ranch. Hidden Valley / Ebay

“Destined to become a conversation piece, at 2 carats, it’s really going to sparkle on the hand when the wearer dips their pizza in ranch!” reads the description on the selling page.

But… why? Why create a diamond out of ranch?

Proceeds from the sale will go to the food-focused non-profit Feeding America, which is actually a very good and worthy cause.

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Deb Crandall, marketing director at Hidden Valley Ranch, told JCK News Daily that every dollar raised from the sale will provide 10 meals to people facing food insecurity.

“We know there are a ton of Hidden Valley Ranch superfans out there, and we are hoping that the couple who wins the diamond will really cherish this unique diamond for years to come,” Crandall said.

No carats and ranch for Canadian dip lovers, though. Unfortunately, this auction is only open to domestic U.S. bidders.


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