Dresses made of toilet paper: the 10th anniversary White Cashmere Collection


Clothes made from toilet paper – it’s the 10th anniversary of the White Cashmere Collection – a fashion show where Canadian designers make dresses, sweaters and hats all out of bathroom tissue.

The White Cashmere Collection is part of Cashmere’s support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The company releases their limited-edition pink toilet paper during October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month, giving twenty-five cents from the sale of every pink package to the foundation.

The 10th anniversary fashion show featured 20 Canadian designers who created outfits out of bathroom tissue. Dylan Uscher, the designer behind DylaniumKnits, showed a seamless, ombre, knitted dress.

Left to right: DylaniumKints, Lucian Matis, David Dixon
Left to right: DylaniumKints, Lucian Matis, David Dixon Photos by Caitlin Cronenberg

It took three months for Uscher to go from design to final production. “The knitting itself took maybe a week, but spinning the yarn took about six weeks in total,” he says in an email interview. He used techniques that are thousands of years old and usually applied to wool and other fibres. He started by taking the unprocessed sheets of bathroom tissue, folding them and cutting them into one-inch strips.

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“I then used a drop spindle, which is a tool used to create hand-spun yarn and drafted the strips of BT just like I would wool roving and made twisted single plies after making several balls of single plies, I then spun two of the plies together in the opposite direction to make the yarn. This was done to increase the strength and make the yarn thicker and more luxurious,” he says, saying that once he did that, he was able to knit the dress.

Some of the other designers who participated include: Lucian Matis, VAWK’s Sunny Fong, Comrags by Joyce Gunhouse and DUY by DUY Nguyen.