B.C. recruits more doctors but pays them less than the national average

Doctors in B.C. are paid less than the national average.

These findings come from the Canadian Institute for Health Information and show B.C. doctors were paid on average about $274,000 from the provincial medical system in 2012. That is before paying off staff and expenses.

The national average is $327,000, or about $53,000 more.

Doctors in Ontario are paid the most, and they get about $374,000.

Some doctors do bill more than the average doctor however.

The top doctors in B.C. billed between 2.2 and 2.8 million dollars last year. Those numbers are gross payments and doctors would have to pay office bills out of those numbers.

Doctors are still coming to B.C. – we have 29 per cent more doctors than we had in 2000. Figures show B.C. has more physicians per 100,000 people than any other western Canadian province, as well as Ontario and Quebec. The news are not as good for rural patients. They have fewer doctors, losing nine since 2009.

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The majority of B.C. doctors are men.

Most doctors working in B.C. graduated from UBC, and when it comes to foreign-trained doctors about a third graduated from a foreign medical school, with most educated in South Africa.

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