Wheels vs. doors: What side are you on in this heated internet debate?

A mountain bike rests against the front of a rustic log cabin. Getty Images

The internet is arguing again: are there more wheels or more doors in the world?

This not-so age-old question has sparked serious debate online, with Twitter, Tik Tok and other social media users taking decisive sides.

On March 5, Twitter user Ryan Nixon (@NewYorkNixon) posed the question online in the form of a poll.

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His poll garnered more than 223,000 votes — a whopping number — and 53.6 per cent of respondents voted “wheels” while the other 46.4 per cent voted “doors.”

The conversation didn’t end there though, as discourse continued cross-platform with arguments made on both sides.

Social media users even argued about what qualifies as a wheel (are wheels only for cars? Do toy car wheels count?) or a door (does one have to walk through a door for it to count? Do cupboard doors count?).

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Which side r u on ⚙️🚪#wheels #doors #debate #beef #hopstudentcouncil

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#answer to @brantley1012 We must do a census.

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The internet has historically loved debates like wheels vs. doors.

In 2015, the great dress debate was on people’s minds, with arguments over whether the garment was blue and black or white and gold.

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Again, in 2018, the internet was divided over whether this audio recording was saying “Yanny” or “Laurel.”

There is, obviously, no correct answer here. Still, as is the way with the internet, debate will rage on until eventually, no one cares anymore.

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