Police suspect ‘foul play’ in case of Hamilton woman missing since early January

Hamilton police revealed their homicide squad has taken over the Emily Bailey missing persons case. Hamilton Police Service

Police believe the search for a missing 23-year-old Hamilton mother of two may involve “foul play.”

On Wednesday, homicide investigators revealed they were taking over the case tied to the disappearance of Emily Bailey, reported missing Jan. 10, 2022.

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Police said the disappearance was “out of character” for Bailey and potentially has connections to a New Year’s Eve party at a Weir Street North address in the city’s east end.

Det. Sgt. Jim Callender characterized the investigation as “complex” in an update at Central Station on Wednesday morning saying Bailey was to attend a party but it’s unclear if there even was one.

“After that party she was reported to have been leaving an acquaintance’s house,” Callender said.

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He went on to say Bailey was reported to be seen on Weir Street the following day between 8 a.m. and Noon.

“There’s indications that she was headed to a friend’s house, however, that never occurred,” said the detective.

Bailey’s mother, Lori Bevan, pleaded for anyone with information to come forward and said Emily was the mother of two little girls – one celebrating her second birthday on Wednesday.

“This isn’t like her … always with her family, always worried about her children,” Bailey’s mother said.

“Stays in contact with us, maybe not all the time, but … we hear from her.”

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Callendar says homicide took over after “circumstances evolved” due to indications her disappearance was “not in her nature” and met the threshold of the departments engagement.

He went on to reveal the residence she left from the day she was last seen was “a place that was known to her” where she had been staying over the last couple of months.

It’s believed she was looking for a ride of some sort during the last week of December and had an association with a dark colored pickup truck, GMC or Chevy, according to detectives.

“But we don’t know if that vehicle was with her on the 31st or not,” said Callender.

Police describe Bailey as five feet four inches with a slim build and shoulder-length black/brown hair, with dyed blue or green highlights.

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The 23-year-old also has an elephant tattoo on her left forearm and a Batman symbol on the outside of her right forearm.

'Outgoing' Bailey lived 'a hard life'

Investigators say Bailey led a “hard life” in which she suffered from homelessness forcing her into somewhat of a transient lifestyle moving from place to place.

“Although that hard lifestyle was thrust upon her, she was still connected to her family and friends,” said Callender.

Bailey’s mother said Emily grew up in Hamilton and was “very outgoing” with a ” thoughtful big heart” who loved her two children.

But she unfortunately just changed and went a little bit of a different direction,” Bevan said.

Detectives say Emily’s case has been uploaded to the National Center for Missing and Unidentified Human remains which includes DNA to the databank.

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Anyone with information on any missing person case can reach out to Hamilton police or Crime Stoppers.

Police update information about missing 33-year-old Hamilton woman

On Monday, police updated the search for another Hamilton woman reported missing Feb. 24.

The family of Stacie Rasberry, 33, says she’d been missing for days before it was reported to authorities last Thursday.

In an updated release, investigators say she was spotted walking on Highway 20 in Wellanport in Niagara Region shortly after 3 p.m. on Feb. 19.

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“At that time, Stacie was wearing a black coat, red toque with a pompom on the top, pink scarf and brown boots with fur around the top,” Hamilton police said in the update.

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Rasberry is about five feet three inches tall with brown eyes and dirty blonde hair and has a butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck, as well as a barbed wire tattoo on one finger.


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