Limited edition RCMP Barbie for sale

EDMONTON – Mountie Shop, the official retailer of the RCMP, is selling a limited edition RCMP Barbie.

The doll – who has long, flowing red hair, and is dressed in navy pants, high brown boots, and a red jacket cinched tightly at the waist – sells for $29.99.

“The response from the general public has been pretty good,” says Bianca McGregor, the marketing director with the RCMP Heritage Centre. “I actually know a few female members who have asked us to put some aside for them, so I’m hoping that the response from female members is good as well.”

“It’s just flattering that a brand like Barbie would choose the RCMP as an icon for Canada,” she adds.

The description on the Mountie Shop website says the doll is part of the Dolls of the World Barbie collection which “celebrates travels with Barbie dressed in the ancestral clothing of her country.”

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“This Barbie is dressed in the uniform currently worn by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or Mounties, as they are widely known. Her scarlet tunic is accented with the cross strap and belt, navy and yellow breeches and tall Strathcona boots while her Stetson can be removed to reveal her bright red hair.”

RCMP Barbie comes with “a pink passport for the perfect way for Barbie to travel across Canada, and the world, in style!”

A spokesperson for the RCMP tells Global News the uniform is fairly accurate, except for a few details.

For instance, hair should not touch the collar of the uniform, so female members must either tie their hair back or cut it.

Makeup is allowed, however, the spokesperson says it should be “more conservative” than Barbie’s.

When asked about the fit of Barbie’s uniform, the RCMP spokesperson explained the Red Serge is tailored to each member, and can be form fitting.

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Limited Edition RCMP Barbie, as seen on the Mountie Shop website. The Mountie Shop

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