Convoy at Saskatchewan legislature broken up

Moises Canales-Lavigne / Global News

Most semi-trucks and personal vehicles have left a convoy line parked outside the Saskatchewan legislative building, protesting COVID-19 restrictions.

One vehicle remained in the line in the northbound lane of Albert Street. There is a heavy police presence in the area, with officers surrounding the vehicle at one point.

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There are about 30 police officers and cruisers in the area as of Sunday night.

About 50 people remained in the area, around the one remaining vehicle.

Organizer Tamara Lavoie declined to speak to a Global News photographer.

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“I’m a little in shock right now,” Lavoie told another reporter in a Facebook livestream.

“I don’t accept what the police did here today. I don’t accept what the tow trucks they called in here did today. I don’t accept what the people leaving did.”

Global News reached out to two local tow trucking companies who did not provide a statement or answer questions on the record.

During the livestream Lavoie was handed a parking ticket, which she said she’ll be delivering to the mayor’s office.

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Later in the livestream, a Regina police officer came up to Lavoie and told her she needed to provide her driver’s license or move her car.

The officer said it was an arrest-able offence to be parked in the driving lane.

Police negotiated Lavoie to move her vehicle, which Lavoie eventually complied with.

The group in the car said they would slowly drive down to the street.

The convoy started Saturday afternoon with cars lining up along Albert Street.

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Regina police did not respond to comment for Global News before publication.

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