Watch: Coastal First Nations launch a new anti-oil tanker TV ad

This week, Coastal First Nations are launching a month-long campaign against moving crude oil in freighters down the B.C. coast.

A protest rally took place in downtown Vancouver today in response to the federal government’s attempts to woo First Nations support for the controversial project.

“We do not accept the Kinder Morgan proposal to expand,” says Amanda Nahanee with Squamish Nis’ka Nations. “We do not accept the expansion of the tar sands in Alberta. We know that the First Nations there are suffering from several types of rare cancer.”

Also beginning today is the airing of an anti-pipeline and tanker ad by Coastal First Nations.

It focuses on the notorious Exxon Valdeez oil spill, using graphic images.

The ad is aimed directly at Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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“We want him to know that British Columbians are against this project, ” says Art Sterritt with Coastal First Nations. “It is not just Coastal First Nations. It is not just First Nations in general.”

Keith Baldrey reports.

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