Regina’s bylaw banning plastic checkout bags comes into effect Feb. 1

Regina’s new bylaw, which will ban plastic checkout bags, will begin in just over a couple weeks. Taryn Gibson / Global News

In a little more than two weeks the city of Regina’s plastic bag ban bylaw will come into effect.

The city issued a statement on Monday reminding residents of the soon-to-be bylaw, which aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste entering the landfill, prevent plastic litter and protect the environment.

The bylaw reads that an individual or business that provides a plastic checkout bag can be fined.

An individual will be fined $100 for the first offence, $200 for a second offence and up to $500 for a third offence.

As for businesses, a first offence will cost $500, a second offence is $1,000 and a third offence could result in a fine of up to $10,000.

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“The average Canadian uses 200 to 300 plastic checkout bags a year which means that Regina residents are using millions of single-use plastic bags annually,” said the city in Monday’s reminder.

“Over 10,000 Regina residents participated in public engagement on this initiative, and 77 per cent indicated that the reduction of single-use plastic items is an important issue to them.”

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the implementation of the bylaw, said the city.

City officials announced the updated effective date last fall to give residents and businesses time to prepare for the change.

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