Dinosaur Drive-Thru returns to Bingemans for March break

The Tyrannosaurus rex at the Dinosaur Drive-Thru exhibit at Bingemans in Kitchener. Kevin Nielsen / Global News

THEMUSEUM says its Dinosaur Drive-Thru will once again return to Bingemans in time for March break.

It promises that the latest version will be a longer journey with more than 50 dinosaurs to look at as guests travel through an authentic park setting.

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“Our ability to provide these COVID-safe experiences for families during these challenging times is a welcome break for everyone,” Bingemans president Mark Bingeman stated.

THEMUSEUM says all sales will be online and it promises there will be shorter lines and wait times for patrons.

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The Dinosaur Drive-Thru will open to customers on March 11 and run through April 3.

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