Heist movie shoot in Winnipeg delayed when gear is heisted: ‘The irony is not lost on us’

Click to play video: 'Filmmakers out $250K worth of equipment after truck stolen in Winnipeg'
Filmmakers out $250K worth of equipment after truck stolen in Winnipeg
"We're here in Winnipeg shooting a film called 'Vandits' which is a heist movie... and the irony is not lost on us that we got heisted." A film crew says they're out around $250K worth of equipment, after their truck and trailer were stolen in Winnipeg – Nov 16, 2021

A heist movie about to shoot in Winnipeg this week was delayed by something even the film’s scriptwriters couldn’t have dreamt up.

All the gear was stolen Monday, before cameras could start rolling.

“The irony is not lost on us that we got heisted before our first day of shooting,” director Stu Stone told Global News Winnipeg Morning on Tuesday.

“It’s definitely a rough start to making a movie. You can’t really shoot a movie without your gear.”

Vandits director Stu Stone, left, and producer Adam Rodness. Sumbitted

Stone and producer Adam Rodness are in Winnipeg to shoot “Vandits”, a film about a teenage posse trying to “pull off a ridiculous heist,” according to the movie’s IDMb page.

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But the truck and trailer with all of their equipment disappeared from where it had been parked on Oakwood Avenue in the Riverview neighbourhood Monday morning.

Rodness pegs the value of the gear at roughly $250,000.

Stone says the story is so ironic that even his own mother wondered whether it wasn’t a stunt when he spoke with her.

The stolen truck. Submitted

“It seems like it’s so made up because it’s a heist movie, but it actually happened,” Rodness said.

Global News reached out to Winnipeg police, who confirmed they are investigating.

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Despite the rough start, Rodness and Stone say people have been reaching out with offers of money and donated equipment. And with help from a local supplier, they’ve got enough new gear together to start filming Tuesday.

The experience won’t keep them from finishing their movie in Winnipeg or coming back to shoot other films in the city, they said.

The stolen trailer.
The stolen trailer. Submitted

“We do love it here. We’re not going to let this one bad apple spoil the orchard — it’s a lovely orchard here in Winnipeg,” Stone said.

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In the meantime they’re hoping anyone who sees their missing truck and trailer, or anyone with information about the theft reaches out to police.

“Maybe it’s parked next to you, maybe it’s under a tarp somewhere, maybe you know something about this,” Stone said. “You can help us out and reach out.”

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