More than 100 partiers ticketed over homecoming weekend: City of Kingston bylaw

A downtown Kingston business owner is frustrated after her sign was vandalized over the weekend, and the owner is linking the vandalization to 'faux-coming' weekend. Darryn Davis / Global News

The numbers are in, and the City of Kingston’s bylaw department along with Kingston police ticketed more than 100 partiers in the University District over the weekend of Oct. 16.

The city adds that there’s the potential for up to 59 people to have their names released publicly as part of Emergency Order No. 5.

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“To say we are frustrated, angry, and exhausted only begins to describe the feelings among police, enforcement staff, paramedics, hospital personnel, the community, and myself. I don’t know how to make the message any clearer,” Mayor Bryan Paterson said.

“We will continue to fine, ticket and penalize anyone who ignores the law,” the mayor added. “If you are a student, you really need to consider how one night of partying and reckless behaviour could affect your future.

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“If you are coming here from out of town to party, be prepared to come back for a summons to court.”

Broken down even further, the city says it issued 59 administrative monetary penalties (AMPs). Forty-three of those were for hosting, attending or sponsoring an aggravated nuisance party.

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Kingston police issued 66 provincial offences fines as well as three criminal charges for obstructing a police officer. Police also issued 30 AMPs, 16 for aggravated nuisance parties. Thirty-six people were arrested in total.

“I am strongly condemning the continued aggressive, volatile, and disrespectful behaviour that has been directed at our officers and bylaw partners.  It is completely unacceptable,” Kingston police Chief Antje McNeely said. “They are there to ensure our community is safe, and any illegal behaviour will be addressed proactively through appropriate fines and charges.

“To those who cannot comprehend the seriousness of their actions, I can’t stress this enough: don’t risk putting your future in jeopardy by having a criminal record.”

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