Polocrosse is back in Saskatchewan

Click to play video: 'Polocrosse is back in Saskatchewan' Polocrosse is back in Saskatchewan
WATCH: There could be a sport that you've probably never heard about taking place in our own backyard – Aug 31, 2021

Despite only being around for three years, the Bridge City Polocrosse club has already brought people from all over the country to a tournament south of Saskatoon.

After a forced break from COVID-19, the Bridge City Polocrosse Tournament was back for its third edition this past weekend at the Grasswood Horse Park.

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The lacrosse-style sport is played on horseback with high intensity and organizers said the best part is anyone can play.

“Up to 65, 70, there’s people that play into their 80s. So it’s a sport for everyone. So if you can ride a horse, that’s usually the hardest part,” said club president Ben Armstrong.

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“It is unbelievable. Like this sport is unlike any other sport, because out currently we’ve got people like a grandfather and they can play with their grandson,” said Polocrosse Calgary president Lesley Plant.

There are six players on each team playing subdivided games with just three players at a time. All three players on the field can catch, carry and throw the ball with their rackets; however, only the forward is allowed to score.

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“They each have a particular job, whether you’re the forward, the centreman or the defence. So it’s very easy. If you have any sporting background, you’re going to excel at it. If you have any riding background, you’re going to excel at it,” Plant said.

“It is a little bit of a learning process but once you get it, it’s such a good time,” youth player Elyse McAteer said.

The local club continues to welcome new faces each year and hopes to gain more attention in the future.

“It is growing amazing right … We’ve got so many new people. So I just like it to keep going and involve more people,” Armstrong said.

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