Baitur Rahmat Mosque celebrates street re-naming

The new sign for Ahmadiyya Crescent. Global News

The largest mosque in Saskatchewan now has a new address located on Ahmadiyya Crescent.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community proposed to have Glazier Drive be re-named Ahmadiyya Crescent in 2019, which is the road used to access the Baitur Rahmat Mosque.

The Rural Municipality of Corman Park unanimously voted for the movement.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic ramped up after the approved proposal, the celebratory sign reveal was delayed until Saturday evening.

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Mubarik Syed, media relations for the Saskatoon Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, said the change went deeper than just the name itself.

“The Ahmadiyya family will be co-existing with the Glazier family and that is what Canada is all about. Co-existing, trying to harmonize and live together in peace and harmony,” said Syed.

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The longest living member of the Saskatoon mosque, Ehsan Chaudhary, had the honour of removing the sign covering along with local politicians and the Corman Park Municipality Reeve.

Chaudhary first mentioned he was so happy he could cry, and then added, “I was holding [the rope], so excited I got a chance to hold it! So it’s excellent, it’s a blessing. You have to be thankful to God.”

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After residing in Saskatoon for the last 45 years, he said his excitement could hardly be explained.

Attendees listened to speeches, prayed and enjoyed a barbeque following the ceremony.

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