HPEPH urges increased screening after rise in STIs in region

The health unit advises anyone having unprotected sex to get tested for a sexually transmitted infection as soon as possible. Global News

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health is urging residents having unprotected sex to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

The health unit says there has been a sudden increase in cases of syphilis in the region, with 18 cases identified in 2021 so far.

“The current rate of infectious syphilis in Hastings and Prince Edward County is almost three-times higher than the five-year average,” the health unit said.

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There is also a continuing gonorrhea outbreak in the region, with nearly 50 cases counted so far this year.

Finally, the health unit has recorded a rise in HIV numbers locally.

People of all ages, relationship statuses and sexual orientations are testing positive, the health unit said, so anyone having unprotected sex could be at risk.


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