Ottawa man faces attempted murder charge after ‘targeted’ Russell Road shooting: police

Ottawa police have charged a local man with attempted murder and various firearms and drug charges following a shooting earlier this month. THE CANADIAN PRESS IMAGES/Lars Hagberg

An Ottawa man faces several charges, including attempted murder, after what police are calling a targeted shooting.

The shooting took place on the 2000 block of Russell Road on July 13. A 30-year-old man with gunshot wounds was left in critical condition, according to police.

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Monday, Ottawa police said its guns and gangs unit, with the help of OPP’s repeat offender parole enforcement squad, were able to identify the man involved in the shooting, 26-year-old Badri Hersi.

Hersi now faces nearly 20 charges, including attempted murder, aggravated assault and various firearms and drug trafficking offences.

He remains in custody.

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