‘Our greatest need’: Montreal mission calls for donations

The Open Door mission in Montreal is calling on the public for help as the non-profit is in dire need of donations.

In a Facebook post, the mission showed bare racks in its clothing storage area, calling it the organization’s “greatest need.”

The shelter has seen an uptick in traffic in the last few months diminishing supplies, John Tessier who is The Open Door’s coordinator said.

“A lot more people seem too be in need.”

Adding more pressure to the situation, Tessier says there has been a reduction in the flow of incoming donations.

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A hot pick among needed items is men’s and women’s shoes and sandals.

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Tessier says all sizes are welcome, preferably ones with thicker soles which tend to last longer.

The shelter is always in need of Jeans, T-shirts, pants and shorts for both sexes, he added.

Tessier put an emphasis on the need for new never-used undergarments, such as underwear, women’s bras and socks, which he calls a necessity.

“We do the best we can but we really depend on the kindness of the community at large to be able to best serve the people,” Tessier said.

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All donations can be dropped off seven days of the week, before 8 p.m. at the front entrance of the Notre-Dame de La Salette church, 3535 Avenue du Parc.


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