Dog helps save colt’s life in early morning rescue in Tappen, B.C.

Click to play video: 'Colt saved by dog in Tappen, B.C.' Colt saved by dog in Tappen, B.C.
A late-night scare in Tappen turned one dog into a hero. Sydney Morton introduces us to Marie Hurley and her life-saving pup, Toffee to find out what made this dog leap into action – Jul 10, 2021

When a colt was born on a farm in Tappen, B.C., Toffee the dog instinctively knew something was wrong.

“At 1:50 in the morning, all of the sudden this little girl [Toffee] shoved her nose so hard and made such a big ‘woof’ just like she meant business so I jumped out of bed and she looked at me and she just took off down the stairway and out into the yard,” said Marie Hurley, proud dog owner.

Toffee, the South African Boerboel, led Hurley out to the yard of her farm called “Hillbilly Haven” and near their fire pit, where she saw the emergency.

“I saw the mare had had her foal and it was making this horrible, horrible noise — it was a snoring noise… it was just horrible, so I’m running and I can see that the amniotic sac has not broken. So this poor little thing was in a bag and you could see the sack sucking into the nostrils and he was smothering to death,” said Hurley.

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“So I go running as fast as I can, ripping the sac off his face and clearing out his nostrils and I would’ve never woken up if it wasn’t for Toffee.

Toffee is in my opinion a hero — you hear always about dogs doing amazing things but you never think it’s going to happen to you… I am so lucky to have her.”

Now the colt plays all day and he is developing quite the personality, although he still needs a name.

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“I just can’t come up with anything,” said Hurley.

“He was born under a full moon, he has got very interesting markings, zebra stripes… he was born in the drought, the heatwave, so lots of amazing things going on.”

Hurley is asking for the public to help her come up with a name. To submit a name suggestion send an e-mail to

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