Grizzly bear eats black bear in Banff

BANFF- A popular trail in Banff National Park has been reopened, following a shocking incident between two bears.

Just over a week ago, some hikers ran into a grizzly bear who was feeding on a kill, about five kilometers from the Sundance Canyon Trail.

After Parks Canada staff investigated, they realized the bear was feasting on a black bear. They believe the black bear was foraging on the side of the trail, when it was attacked by the grizzly.

The trail was temporarily closed as a precaution.

“It’s not all that common that we necessarily see this happening on a day-to-day basis, it goes on more behind the scenes,” says human wildlife conflict specialist Steve Michel. “Certainly grizzly bears are the dominant animal on the landscape, and they are opportunistic feeders. So if they have a chance to kill and eat a black bear they will take advantage of that opportunity.”

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The nearly 600-pound grizzly bear responsible for the attack is #122, which staff have been tracking around the park.

Parks officials say that the incident is a good reminder that those going out to the park need to practice safety techniques, because the bears are out, active and fattening up for winter.

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Dan Rafla/Parks Canada.
Dan Rafla/Parks Canada.
Dan Rafla/Parks Canada.
Dan Rafla/Parks Canada.
Dan Rafla/Parks Canada.

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