Motorcyclist’s helmet cam captures collision with bear

The RCMP released a dramatic video of a motorcyclist colliding with a bear on the highway in the hopes of reminding people about the importance of driving defensively.

On June 30 police arrived at what appeared to be a single motorcycle crash on Highway 7. After getting the motorcyclist medical attention, police located the driver’s helmet camera that contained surprising footage.

The video showed the driver going from 0 km/hr to over 140 km/hr in less than 20 seconds. It also captured him colliding with a black bear that had darted out across the highway and into his path. Travelling at more than 140 km/hr the driver hit the bear, ejecting him from his bike and tumbling down the highway.

The driver suffered non-life threatening injuries and the bear walked away. The B.C. Conservation authority estimates 15 to 20 bears are hit every year, where speed is not a factor, along the route from Vancouver to Chilliwack. They also said that due to the solid build and weight of bears, the animal usually survives these types of incidents and walk away – unlike deers who collide with cars.

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B.C. Conservation authority also says they did not receive a report of this incident.

Police are reminding the public to stay focused while behind the wheel of a any type of motor vehicle.

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