Crops damaged by flooding, wind in parts of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Agriculture said heavy localized rainfall in the past week resulted in flooding in some regions of the province. File / Global News

There’s rain and then there is too much rain.

Saskatchewan Agriculture said rain in the last week has helped improve topsoil moisture conditions in parts of the province, but heavy localized rainfall resulted in flooding in some regions.

The heaviest rainfall happened near Old Wives Lake, southwest of Moose Jaw. Sask Ag said 208 millimetres of rain fell over a few hours causing road washouts, flooding and filling of sloughs and dugouts.

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Other areas receiving large amounts of rainfall were Big Beaver (127 mm), Frobisher (111 mm) and Moosomin (110 mm).

The southeast received the most rainfall over the week but the rain was general throughout all regions of the province, according to Thursday’s crop report.

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Some regions experienced strong winds along with the rain, damaging bins, buildings and crops.

Dry conditions remain a concern in regions that received wind but no rain.

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Cropland topsoil moisture is currently rated at two per cent surplus, 72 per cent adequate, 23 per cent short and three per cent very short.

Hay and pasture land topsoil moisture are rated at one per cent surplus, 61 per cent adequate, 30 per cent short and eight per cent very short.

Sask Ag said the majority of crops are at their normal stage of development for this time of year, with crop conditions mostly ranging from fair to good.

However, while the emergence of earlier seeded crops is good, Sask Ag said the lack of moisture and wind in some regions has reduced germination of canola resulting in spotty emergence.

Reseeding could occur if conditions allow, the crop report said.


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