Crushed milk silo at Kingston’s Canada Royal Milk plant causes ‘strong odour’

Goat milk spilled from a crushed silo at Kingston's Canada Royal Milk plant has led to an foul odour wafting from the plant. Global News

Canada Royal Milk has confirmed that one of its milk silos malfunctioned this week, resulting in an odour emitting from the baby formula plant.

According to a statement from the Kingston plant, one of its storage silos collapsed inward and down, causing some of the milk to spill onto the floor inside the plant.

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Canada Royal Milk says there were no injuries, but, the company did report a smell coming from its wastewaster treatment plant on Tuesday.

The company says it has notified the Ministry of Environment of the spill.

“We have communicated the risk of strong odour to the community through email and posted a notification on our website about the same,” a statement from the company read,” the company said.

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This is not the first time this year that nearby neighbours have smelled things coming from the plant.

In March, neighbours reported a smell akin to “rotten eggs and sewage” coming from the baby formula factory for days, which Canada Royal Milk attributed to two equipment malfunctions at the wastewater treatment plant.

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