Manitoba ticks are back in full force — here’s how to handle them

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WATCH: Tick tips with Manitoba entomologist (From April 29) – Apr 28, 2021

As summer rolls around, a familiar pest is rearing its ugly head.

Ticks are back in Manitoba and, while there are many ways to avoid them, you also need to know how to properly remove them.

Dr. Hayam Hussein is a veterinarian with the Kenaston Animal Hospital and she tells Global News about a few ways to dispose of the pests.

“You want to remove it as soon as you detect it. You want to grasp the tick from the mouthpiece and pull it straight out. Don’t try to crush it or squish it because that can release the contents which can carry the Lyme bacteria.”

Dr. Hussein says you should never remove a deer tick, also known as a black-legged tick, with your bare hand because even contact can transmit Lyme Disease.

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There are plenty of instruments you can buy designed to remove ticks, such as tweezers and curved hook tools. You can also use a spoon to prop up the tick before removing with a pair of household tweezers.

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Dr. Hussein is also a co-owner of the Kenaston Animal Hospital and she wants everyone to know ticks aren’t restricted to long grass and can move around surprisingly quickly with the right host.

“Ticks are brought by migratory birds and those birds can drop the ticks anywhere, including your backyard,” she said.

Dr. Hussein says you should thoroughly check all your pets when they come back inside, especially their ears to make sure they’re not bringing ticks inside.

Most veterinary clinics sell chewable prescription tick medication and even topical solutions to prevent ticks latching onto your pets.

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