Online resources help inform Lethbridge residents about responsible cycling

Lori Harasem (left), and Tyler Stewart (right) have worked to create cycling resources for the City of Lethbridge. Eloise Therien / Global News

The City of Lethbridge has updated its online cycling resources in an effort to help educate residents about proper procedures and safety, both for new and experienced riders.

Lori Harasem, the city’s recreation and culture development manager, said they are hoping to fill some gaps when it comes to awareness.

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“The cycling community works with us to help us to implement different things that were mentioned in the master plan,” she explained.

“In talking to the community, we realized that a lot of people don’t understand the rules of the road, and what are cyclists’ rules and whatnot.

“From there we decided to create a page on the website that just addressed cycling.”

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The site includes links to resources for riders, safety and education, cycling events and activities, cycling organizations and more.

It also provides information on city projects and maps of bike routes around Lethbridge, and contains different sectors for city cycling, mountain biking and BMX riding.

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Tyler Stewart, a local cycling advocate with BikeBridge, helped design a handbook that will also eventually be available in local bike shops.

“The handbook is both about how to navigate Lethbridge specifically, but also things to look out for–the ABCs of your bike to make sure that it’s operating properly,” Stewart explained.

The handbook also outlines areas where bikes aren’t allowed, like nature reserves, and suggests alternatives.

“I love the variety of cycling opportunities that Lethbridge has to offer, between all the great pathways and things like the bike boulevard,” Stewart said.

With a spike in bicycle sales being noted by many local shops during the COVID-19 pandemic, those involved say the introduction of these resources are very timely.

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