Kelowna hip-hop funk fusion band 538 st., blends genres to produce debut single

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Kelowna hip-hop funk fusion band jumps on the scene with debut single
A Kelowna band is building momentum - as they release their debut single. Sydney Morton introduces us to 538 st., a funk hip-hop fusion band that says they are just getting started . – May 8, 2021

Kelowna’s own 538 st.’s sound makes them stand out in the Okanagan’s music scene.

The band gets its unique name from brothers and bandmates Jake and Sam Cooke’s mom’s house, where it all started.

Jake had his laptop stolen with all his music on it while recording music in his recording studio on wheels, the Band Wagon, and that’s when he knew it was time to start the band with his brother.

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“I sent him seven beats that I had recorded on my iPhone and when I was back a month later he had written to all of them,” said Jake.

“And the first one was T-Shirt Backwards.”

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They then brought on Waseem Hakhroo on drums and Austen Sawchuk on the bass to perfect their blend of Hip-Hop, Funk, R&B and Jazz.

Now T-Shirt Backwards has become their debut single.

“We recorded it actually so many different ways,” said Sawchuk.

“It’s been a year of back and forth but now we have settled on a version that we all really love.”

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The single was recorded off the floor of the Band Wagon, which just happens to be 538 st.’s headquarters.

“It starts normally as a riff or a melody and it can explode into what T-Shirt Backwards has,” said Sam.

To follow the band, and listen to their debut single in full, visit their website,

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