Blue-green algae advisories issued for two Alberta lakes

Officials have found blue-green algae in Eagle Lake, which can produce a toxin known to cause illness in any animals or humans who come into contact with it. File / Global News

EDMONTON – People are being warned not to swim in or drink water from Pigeon Lake or Lac La Nonne, where blue-green algae has been detected.

The weekend could be one of the summer’s best in terms of weather, but people will have to avoid two lakes in central Alberta.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has issued algae advisories for both Pigeon Lake, south of Edmonton, and Lac La Nonne, northwest of Edmonton.

AHS says residents living near the shore, as well as visitors to the lakes, should not drink the water, swim or wade in the water, avoid contact with the algae on the shoreline, and limit consumption of fish from the lake.

Health officials explain blue-green algae produce a toxin that can cause serious illness to animals and humans who drink or have skin contact with water containing it.

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Symptoms of blue-green algae exposure include skin irritation, rash, sore throat, sore red eyes, swollen lips, fever, nausea and vomiting and/or diarrhea. Symptoms usually appear within one to three hours and resolve in one to two days.

The advisories will remain in effect until further notice.

If you suspect a problem related to blue-green algae, or if you require further information on blue-green algae, please call Health Link Alberta at 1-866-408-LINK (5465).

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