Consumers being warned about dangers of glass cookware

WATCH: Man awarded over a $1 million in glassware lawsuit. Sean O’Shea reports. 

TORONTO – A London, Ont. area man who was recently awarded $1.15 million in damages in a lawsuit against the makers of glass cookware is warning the public about the dangers of the product.

A jury ruled in favour of 56-year-old Lanny Stilwell, a father of two from Beachville, who was permanently injured after his Visions glass Dutch Oven exploded.

The glass cookware in question is made by Corning and World Kitchen.

Stilwell was injured back on Sept 11, 2000 when the cookware broke into four pieces as he was washing it in the kitchen sink, causing a deep cut in his right wrist.

The former lift-truck operator hasn’t been able to work since the incident and is urging consumers not to use the product.

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“I don’t want a husband to come home and find his wife laying on a floor, bled out,” said Stilwell during a press conference in Toronto on Thursday.

Stilwell’s lawyer, Michael Smitiuch, wants Health Canada to require warnings on the glass cookware.

“We want them to be aware of all the risk involved in using this product, first and foremost that’s what we’re hoping to achieve, and we’re hoping to get the word out to consumers that this product is potentially dangerous,” said Smitiuch.

The case took years to get to trial and was finally heard in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in London in May.

The makers of the product are appealing the court decision.