Dreams during the pandemic driven by anxiety: psychologist

What is 'COVID-somnia'? Why some can't sleep during the pandemic. Getty Images

If you’re having unsettling dreams during the pandemic, it’s totally normal.

Winnipeg Psychologist, Dr. Toby Rutner, says dreams are symbolic of how you’re feeling and the most common emotion right now is anxiety.

“When you go to bed with a particular feeling, good or bad, worried or calm, your subconscious mind comes up with a story that would fit that particular feeling. So dreams are expressionistic aspects of how we’re feeling.”

Rutner says dreams rely heavily on your emotions when you’re going to sleep, so he advises trying to go to sleep on a positive note.

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He says almost always dreams are a direct reflection of our emotions, particularly how we feel as we’re getting ready for bed.

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The psychologist has a creative trick if you want to improve your dreams and the emotions they convey.

“So think of dreams as if [you’re] a movie director directing a scene that would produce that kind of feeling. The more creative we are, the more elaborate the dream, the stronger we feel the feeling and the more vivid the dream will be.”

Rutner says no matter how your emotions change throughout the day, it’s crucial to focus on positivity before getting going to bed to help ensure you get a good night’s rest.

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