Forest fire smoke expected to cloud skies

A fire burns near Ilford, in northern Manitoba, in early June. Fires in the region are expected to significantly impact air quality. Youtube

WINNIPEG – Environment Canada is warning central and northern Manitoba to expect smoke to impact air quality over the next few days.

A special air quality statement warns that numerous fires in northwestern Manitoba, northern Saskatchewan and southern Nunavut are producing a lot of smoke.

The smoke is currently over northwestern Manitoba, but a change in the wind direction expected in the next few days will push it south into much of northern and central Manitoba, the statement says.

“This smoke will likely reduce visibilities and cause air quality to deteriorate significantly,” the statement warns.

The fires the smoke is coming from are in remote areas in the far north, said Gary Friesen, manager of Manitoba’s fire program. On Monday morning, there were no fires of concern in Manitoba.

The smoke is expected to linger for a few days.


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