Mom with boxing glove accused of trying to fight child at Florida school

A boxing glove is shown in this file photo. George Wood/Getty Images

A Florida woman has been charged with child abuse after she allegedly showed up at her kid’s middle school with a boxing glove glued to her hand and attacked another student, police say.

The incident happened Thursday at Dupont Middle School in Jacksonville, Fla., according to local police.

Edith Riddle, 34, was arrested by Duval County School Police at the scene, jail records say. She faces one charge of child abuse with a personal/special weapon (the boxing glove).

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The incident began when Riddle and her daughter met with the school’s vice-principal, according to an arrest report obtained by First Coast News. Riddle was there to discuss her eighth-grade daughter’s “hostile outbursts” at another student, WFLA reports.

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The suspect walked into the meeting with a boxing glove on her left hand and claimed that she couldn’t remove it because it was attached with superglue, the report says.

Mom and daughter walked out of that meeting together and abruptly went to the cafeteria, where they reportedly encountered the victim.

Witnesses said the daughter pushed the victim down and threw a few punches before the mother joined in. A witness also reported seeing the boxing glove on the suspect’s left hand.

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The school safety officer rushed to the scene after a teacher made a “frantic” announcement about the fight over the school radio, according to the arrest report. The officer then arrested the suspect.

The victim suffered abrasions on her knees and forearms and was taken to the hospital for evaluation. Her parents told police they want to pursue charges, according to the report.

Riddle was released pending her court date on Monday.

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