Peachland community alliance plans protest against clear-cutting

Some Peachland residents protesting clear-cutting at a previous rally. PWPA

A community alliance, along with concerned Peachland residents, has planned a rally to protest against clear-cut logging taking place on Peachland’s watershed.

“Peachland’s fresh water supply is under threat by numerous industrial activities including clear-cut logging in the watershed,” said Alex Morrison, Peachland Watershed Alliance’s communication chair.

“And with spring floods on Okanagan Lake becoming a regular event as a result of these logging practices, Peachland Watershed Alliance is demonstrating to our provincial government that they are failing Peachland and other similar communities across B.C.”

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The protest is planned for Friday, March 19, at noon at the IGA parking lot on Highway 97.

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March 19 is already a day of action, Forest March B.C., where people across the province will be uniting in support of reforming B.C’s forest legislation, according to the community alliance.

“The provincewide action is intended to show solidarity across communities who are demanding for equitable and sustainable forest management in B.C.,” said Morrison.

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The community alliance says Forest March B.C., which is in its third year, is the movement responsible for motivating it to take a stand.

“Our goal is to unite communities across B.C. to push for equitable, nature-based and community-first approaches to forestry management with a primary goal of driving long-term sustainable value for both communities and the land,” said Hania Peper, a Forest March B.C. spokesperson.

The movement will direct lobbying efforts against the widespread destruction of old-growth forests for private profit, demanding an immediate moratorium on the logging of old-growth and primary forests, according to Forest March B.C.

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Protesters willing to risk arrest in attempt to stop old-growth logging near Port Renfrew

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