Hamilton police say they’re not stopping people arbitrarily amid confusion over stay-at-home orders

Hamilton police are receiving a high volume of calls from people confused by stay-at-home orders. Don Mitchell / Global News

Hamilton police are repeating assurances that they won’t be stopping people and asking them where they are going while the province’s stay-at-home orders are in place.

Supt. Will Mason, speaking to CHML’s Bill Kelly Show on Friday, says they’ll be responding to complaints and focusing on large parties and other things that are “very obviously” violations of COVID-19 rules.

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Mason stresses officers are not going to be arbitrarily stopping individuals, inquiring where they are going.

Mason also confirms that there is a lot of confusion within the community about the stay-at-home orders.

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Mason says Hamilton police received about 90 calls on Thursday alone from people “wondering if I am still allowed to do this, or, I was wondering if my neighbour is allowed to do this.”

Mason stresses those calls should be going to the City of Hamilton customer contact centre at 905-546-CITY.

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