Hamilton’s mayor apologizes for tweet after violence at U.S. Capitol

Dozens have replied, most critically, after Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger tweeted about the U.S. political turmoil on Thursday. Lisa Polewski / 900 CHML

Hamilton’s mayor has ignited a social media firestorm.

Fred Eisenberger is drawing a lot of criticism after using his personal Twitter account on Thursday to ask, “Anyone else binge watching the final season of The United States of America!!”

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One critic says it seems like an irresponsible thing for someone holding public office to tweet.

Another asks why the mayor thinks the potential demise of a neighbour and close ally is something to trivialize or laugh at.

Even Hamilton Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Keanin Loomis replied with “not funny.”

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Other replies note the city’s own struggles with protest groups in the forecourt of Hamilton City Hall in recent years.

Mayor Eisenberger has apologized for what he describes as an attempt to “bring some levity at the spur of the moment.”

Eisenberger acknowledges it was “insensitive and inappropriate”, adding that “I regret it and I apologize.”


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