Residents near Lemon Creek fuel spill say cleanup efforts not enough

Emotions were high at a public meeting in the Central Kootenays on Tuesday night when hundreds of residents turned out for an update on last week’s jet fuel spill.

Many expressed frustrations with the process of cleaning up the spill.

Farm owner Jane Flotron said her entire home is saturated with jet fuel. “The grass that my horses are eating is saturated,” she said. “The water troughs that our animals drink from have a lining. That’s from residue that travelled through the air. So I feel like the issue is really being addressed on a level of ‘did gasoline hit my farm?’ No. It came through the air. So I think there’s a huge piece being missed here. I’m really concerned about the health of my family and my community.”

Residents were told the ‘Do Not Use’ order on water will remain in place for at least five more days.

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On Friday, a truck carrying 35,000 litres of jet fuel went off a remote road and crashed into Lemon Creek. It was later revealed the driver went around a closure barricade.

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