The Ongoing History of New Music, episode 902: The story of stereo, part 2

We are always pouring sound into our heads, whether we’re using some kind of speakers or wearing headphones. And I’m going to make a guess here, but I assume that most people demand a certain level of audio quality to whatever it is they’re listening to. You don’t want distortion and you expect a certain level of sonic realism.In other words, you want to be able to close your eyes and feel the music around you. You want to be immersed in it. These sensations, as important as they are to our enjoyment of music, are now taken for granted.But the technological journey that led us to enjoy music this way took decades. Along the way, there were many twists and turns, false starts, and dead ends, promising leads, and utter failures.This is the story of stereo, part 2.Songs heard on this show:
  • Sweet Fix, FM Radio
  • REM, Radio Song
  • Hajimeinoue, Quadraphonic
  • U2, Desire
  • Pavement, Stereo
  • The Mounties, Headphones
Of course, there’s the usual useful playlist provided by Eric Wilhite.
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