3rd bitcoin scam in Guelph this month costs woman $2,400

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Guelph police say another resident has fallen victim to a Bitcoin scam that targeted two other residents this month.

A woman received a call from someone claiming to be a government employee and was told there was a warrant out for her arrest because her social insurance number was connected to money laundering and drug-related crimes.

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She was told the only way to resolve the matter was to deposit all of the money in her bank account into a Bitcoin machine.

Police said she followed the instructions and deposited $2,400 into a Bitcoin machine and then called police on Thursday evening after realizing it was a scam.

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“Please be very vigilant and cautious whenever you are speaking with someone you don’t know, especially online or over the phone,” police said in a news release.

This is the third such case this month after a 15-year-old girl lost $600 and a woman was bilked out of $2,920.

Two women lost thousands of dollars back in March. One lost $9,500 a day after another woman lost $19,000.

Guelph police have been trying to warn residents of the scam and stress that no police officer or government official will ever instruct a person to deposit money into a Bitcoin machine.

A sign has even been installed at a Bitcoin machine that has commonly been used in these scams, which warns users of fraud.

“Seek advice from a family member, a coworker, a trusted friend or the Guelph Police Service at 519-824-1212 before following through on instructions received from a person that you don’t know,” police said.

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Police have said these crimes are incredibly difficult to solve because the perpetrator usually doesn’t live in the same city, let alone the same country.

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It’s also not unique to Guelph.

In August, Waterloo Regional Police said dozens of people had fallen victim to the scam. In one case, a victim lost $10,000 and in another, someone lost $19,000.

At the time, police said, in total, Waterloo Region residents have been duped of more than $430,000 in 2020. Twenty-nine of the 78 victims were scammed in July alone.

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