Reid Wilkins: All aboard the Express to a new EE Football Team name

Click to play video 'EE Football Team looking to the public for its new name' EE Football Team looking to the public for its new name
Edmonton’s football team has put out a call to fans to find its new name, and so far thousands have delivered. Kevin Karius reports. – Nov 23, 2020

I’m generally not great at making predictions, but I can assure you the Escargot will not be the new name of the EE Football Team.

It’d just to be too easy to talk about the offence moving at a snail’s pace.

The Escargot is one of many humourous suggestions that listeners have texted in during Inside Sports. The EE Football Team is taking suggestions online until Tuesday, all leading up to unveiling the new moniker in 2021.

I have had some other far out suggestions. Michael called in on Monday and suggested Encore. On Wednesday, Stu pitched Escalators, symbolizing the ups-and-downs of a season.

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Animal names are always popular. Eagles would allow for a lot of soaring imagery, but I can’t see the EE going with a name that’s already being used in the NFL. There’s history dating back to the 1920s with Elks. You could definitely have some fun with this one. Anyone want to a buy a hat or a toque with big antlers on top?

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There’s no such thing as a perfect name, and whatever it is, it’s going to take some getting used to. The team is keeping the colours and the EE logo, so I prefer something that allows for exciting images and secondary logos.

That’s why I keep coming back to Express. It makes me think of speed, which is vital in football. For alternate logos, what about a speeding football going over the tracks on top of the High Level Bridge? Imagine a formation of winged footballs flying over Commonwealth Stadium.

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I also think it’s a great name to encourage fan involvement. When the defence needs some noise, picture the worlds “Express Yourself” being flashed on the scoreboard. An “express” may not be a noun that people can picture, but that’s the beauty of it. “Self-expression” could be a campaign for fans to depict their passion for the team in their own way.

Then again, Escargot would make the pre-game buffet more interesting.