N.B. man shares his 130-pound weight loss journey

Click to play video: 'N.B. man becoming inspiration others after losing dramatic weight at the start of the pandemic' N.B. man becoming inspiration others after losing dramatic weight at the start of the pandemic
WATCH: Dillon Beechin stepped on the treadmill at nearly should be 600 pounds at the start of the pandemic and has not slowed down since. Shelley Steeves has more – Nov 19, 2020

A New Brunswick man’s refusal to let his weight dash his dreams has become an inspiration for others following his weight loss journey on social media.

“I never thought in my life at all that I would be an inspiration to anybody simply because of my lifestyle and how big I was,” said Dillon Beechin of Bath, NB.

Beechin said he has always been a bigger guy and has battled with his weight since he was a boy.

But over the years, he said his weight climbed to 600 pounds and that started weighing down his dreams.

After graduating from a heavy equipment operator course, Beechin said potential employers were gung ho to hire him on the phone — until he showed up for an interview.

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“As a bigger guy, you can generally see when someone is looking at you and judging your weight and I would call them back two days after the interview and they would have nothing for me,” he said.

Refusing to let his weight shape his life, Beeching said that eight months ago, at the start of the pandemic, he set himself a lofty goal to lose 300 pounds.

“I am never going to not have a job again because of my weight,” he said.

Five days a week, Beechin said, he now pumps iron. He walks regularly and has completely altered his eating habits.

“I would go through a gallon of milk in two days sometimes and a loaf of bread a day sometimes,” he said.

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Changing the mindset of obesity on World Obesity Day – Mar 4, 2020

Since the start of the pandemic, Beechin said he has lost 130 pounds, almost halfway to his goal.

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He said the biggest challenge has been changing his mindset about food and himself.

“As big people, we kind of put it on ourselves, too, that we can’t do anything because of our weight but the mindset is that we can do anything that anyone else can do, we just have to do it slower,” he said.

Beechin said he has been posting his slow and steady journey to social media and thousands of people have followed along.

His wife, Rebecca Beechin, said she could not be more proud.

“He is getting a lot of comments and has inspired quite a few people from it,” she said.

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