Bill Kelly: Parliament is playing political chicken

Click to play video 'Coronavirus: Trudeau defends making Tory committee motion a confidence vote, risking election' Coronavirus: Trudeau defends making Tory committee motion a confidence vote, risking election
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday defended his government's decision to make a Conservative motion pushing for a committee into "ethical problems" with his government into a confidence vote, risking a possible election if it succeeds – Oct 20, 2020

The opposition Conservatives and the Liberal government are engaged in a game of political chicken that could send Canadians into an unwanted and unneeded federal election.

The centrepiece of this dilemma is a Conservative plan to create what it calls an anti-corruption committee to explore how the Trudeau government is allocating money for pandemic relief — and, oh yeah — to continue to flail away at the government about the misguided WE Charity fiasco.

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First of all, the Conservative anti-corruption idea is absolutely a political ploy to further embarrass the government about the WE Charity scandal. After all, the Conservatives have supported all of the government funding initiatives for COVID-19 relief programs, so if they think it was corrupt, they must be co-conspirators.

The Liberal government has responded by saying that if the anti-corruption idea passes, it shows that Parliament has no confidence in the government and it will force an election.

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This silly game of political gamesmanship has backed the Conservatives into a corner.

They really want to make the WE Charity fiasco a crucial issue, but national polling indicates that only staunch Conservative supporters care about WE Charity these days.

The rest of us have moved on and are much more concerned about the economic recovery and the second wave of COVID-19 and how the government will deal with it.

Who will blink first in this game of political chicken?

More importantly, are they aware that Canadian voters are ticked off that politicians are playing games instead of focusing on the best interest of Canadian citizens in this time of crisis?

Bill Kelly is the host of the Bill Kelly Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.

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