Montreal city councillor speaking out against mayor on bad roads

Click to play video: 'Crumbling roads plague Montreal’s largest borough' Crumbling roads plague Montreal’s largest borough
Potholes, crumbling asphalt, orange cones and detours. These are all things that people who work and live in the NDG-CDN borough have to put up with. As Global's Tim Sargeant explains, the borough blames the city centre for not spending enough on roads – Oct 5, 2020

There is no shortage of bad roads in Montreal, whether on local, secondary streets or primary, urban boulevards.

But in the largest borough, at least one city councillor is denouncing the conditions and putting the blame on Mayor Valérie Plante.

Montreal city councillor Marvin Rotrand argues that Plante is ignoring the crumbling road conditions in the Côte-des-Neiges-NDG Borough.

“You hear much more often from citizens in our borough, repair the roads rather than put in a bike lane. Yet, what the city administration seems to be is the opposite sense of priority,” Rotrand told Global News.

He argues that while spending is increasing for overall infrastructure work, the amount being spent to repair and repave local streets isn’t improving.

“We have $2 million for roads for our entire borough,” he said.

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The owner of flower shop Toujours Fleurs on Queen Mary Road agrees.

Lorraine Soo says the city only does patchwork jobs on the major street, when the entire road needs to be overhauled.

“That’s like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. I’m sorry, it has to be done,” she told Global News.

The borough mayor, Sue Montgomery, agrees — more money is needed from the central city.

“They’re ignoring the arterial roads in our borough and not doing the proper maintenance,” Montgomery told Global News.

Global News reached out to Mayor Valerie Plante’s office but were told they had no comment on the matter. Montreal’s 2021 budget is expected to be released next month.

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