Western researchers develop safer way to transport organs

A team of researchers at Western University have developed new technology to better transport temperature-sensitive medical items.

The new portable temperature-regulating device will allow for more storage control over its contents, which could include organs, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals.

Kamran Siddiqui, a Western engineering professor and project lead, says the previous options used primitive cooling methods like ice packs or ice cubes.

He says that can lead to deterioration or loss of items, and may have a significant negative impact on human health.

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“The need for safe transportation has never been more evident than today as the global COVID-19 pandemic affects all of our lives,” said Siddiqui.

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“Our technology is very promising and has already attracted international interest.”

Siddiqui says the new device uses “phase change materials” to release and absorb sufficient energy during transport to provide appropriate levels of heating and cooling to the stored items to maintain the required temperature.

Researchers believe the device could be used to transport more than just medical items, and could also be a game-changer for the restaurant and retail grocery industries, allowing them to make temperature-controlled deliveries.

The team designed, developed and constructed the new technology in London.

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