Weekly survey: What are your thoughts on posthumous album releases?

Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip perform at Bluesfest in Ottawa in 2013. WireImage
In case you missed the news, a new Gord Downie album was announced today. Away is Mine, due October 16 (one day before the third anniversary of Gord’s death), will feature ten songs, each in two forms: one electric and and one acoustic. This material was recorded at The Hip’s Bathhouse studios in July 17 and features Gord’s close friends and his son, Lou on drums.Posthumous releases have always been big business. Just look at Jimi Hendrix who left behind enough material when he died 50 years ago for dozens and dozens of records. Material keeps slipping out from the Linkin Park vaults. The Chris Cornell estate gives us something from the archives every once in a while.While many fans love being able to hear new music from musical heroes that have passed on, others find this exploitive, a money grab, using material the artist felt wasn’t worth releasing when he/she was still alive.What are your thoughts?

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