Lower Sackville runners group wants safer streets

LOWER SACKVILLE, N.S. – A  group in Lower Sackville has started a petition called the “Circle of Safety,” aiming to create a safer running route around First Lake.

The Lakeshore Runners Club hopes to get better lighting for the seven-kilometre route and, most importantly, improved shoulders to jog on.

The sidewalk ends abruptly in some areas, leaving people to walk in the dirt or on the road itself.

Tim Duguay is a member of the Lakeshore Runners Club, which only started last year and already has over 200 members.

He said there are challenges almost every day he goes out for a run.

“You’re always dodging traffic and we’ve had some situations where cars have come close because cars and runners don’t always work together” Duguay said.

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“There’s so many cars on the side of the roads, combined with the traffic coming in and out, you are in a situation where the walkers cant get across the street and runners can’t get around the vehicles,” he said. “So, it’s trying to find ways to extend the shoulder, so we can all work together and make it a lot safer. ”

It’s not just members of the running club that are in favour of changes to make this area safer.

Joe Bonovie walks the route almost every day and said there are some definite safety concerns.

“To me the sidewalk kinda stops a little early,” he said. “If they could have some kind of sidewalk that could at least come up and connect the path a little better, I wouldn’t have to dodge traffic as much.”

Walking along the route is one thing, but travelling with a baby, is another.

“I’m always afraid someone’s gonna hit her or hit me” said Andrea Kelly.

“It is really dangerous. [Drivers]  just they don’t care if you’re walking with a child or not,” she said.

The petition will be introduced tomorrow at Halifax regional council. The group hopes if changes are made to make the route safer, more people will be out enjoying it on a regular basis.


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