New Brunswick election: Victoria-La Vallée

Liberal incumbent Chuck Chiasson retains Victoria-La Vallée seat in the 2020 election.

Riding background

The Victoria-La Vallée riding used to cover the Town of Grand Falls, Drummond and Saint-André communities. In 2013, it expanded to parts of Victoria County and north of the Aroostook River and now includes the Town of St-Leonard.

Areas in this riding have traditionally voted Liberal, with the exception of the 2010 election.

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Liberal: Charles (Chuck) Chiasson (incumbent)

  • Served as a minor soccer coach from 1998 to 2004, and as a martial arts instructor from 2007 to 2014.

Progressive Conservative: Roland Michaud

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    • Was removed as PC candidate after a transphobic Facebook post came to light. However, will remain on the ballot as a PC candidate because the removal came after ballots were printed.

Green: (Nathanaël) Denis Lavoie

People’s Alliance: Andre Jobin

Independent: Daniel (Danny) Zolondek



Liberal incumbent candidate Chuck Chiasson won with 47.2 per cent of the vote, defeating PC Danny Soucy for the second year in a row.


This completely new riding was formed during the 2013 redistricting.

The newly-created Victoria-La Vallée incorporated portions of the former Victoria-Tobique, Grand Falls-Drummond-Saint-André and Restigouche-la-Vallée.

All three former ridings voted PC in 2010, but shifted Liberal when Chuck Chiasson won the seat, taking it from then-incumbent Tory MLA Danny Soucy.

Chiasson won 49.6 per cent of the vote, while Soucy earned 38 per cent.

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Danny Soucy won the seat in the 2010 election as part of the former Grand Falls-Drummond-Saint-André district.

Soucy took the seat from Liberal incumbent Ronald Ouellette, winning 49.2 per cent of the vote compared to Ouellette’s 43.6 per cent.