Okanagan musician drops new single — and sound — after two year hiatus

Okanagan musician releases new sound and single
After taking two years off, Kelowna's Edge feels he is coming out stronger and better than ever.

After taking two years off, Kelowna’s Edge feels he is coming out stronger and better than ever.

In releasing his comeback single, Vice City Vibes, he is reintroducing himself to the Okanagan Valley’s music scene.

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“I knew where I wanted to take the music to,” said Ejiro “Edge” Ovie. “All I have been doing for the last two years is creating music … and I cannot wait for people to hear this.”

Now he is finding his place in the music industry with his unique blend of Afro-fusion, house and hip-hop, giving listeners a taste of what they can now expect from the musician moving forward.

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“It’s essentially a fun song about love, loss and just really finding and enjoying the vibe and the second bit of (the song) I wanted to take people to where I am from, that’s the Afro-fusion bit of it,” said Ovie.

“Where I am from, the music we make (in Nigeria), it’s a lot of dancing, happy party music, and the second you hear that second beat come in it’s, oh, I want to move my body. I wanted people to be like, OK, forget what’s going on in the times — I just want to dance.”

You can find Vice City Vibes and previous music from Edge on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. Stay up to date by following him on Instagram.

The music video used in the article was created by the 100 Collective.