Whose pooch is the ‘Top Dog’ at Global News?

Click to play video: 'Whose pooch is the ‘Top Dog’ at Global News?' Whose pooch is the ‘Top Dog’ at Global News?
Global News Weekend host Mike Arsenault, meteorologists Ross Hull and Anthony Farnell and Global News Morning host Jenn Valentyne take part in a friendly competition with their dogs on an agility course in the first episode of Top Dog – Jul 18, 2020

Have you ever wondered how your pooch would stack up in an actual agility course?

Global News meteorologist Ross Hull and Global News Weekend host Mike Arsenault have already challenged each other in almost every human physical test possible in What’s Your Fitness Age, so now, they’re going to the dogs. Literally. 

Top Dog is a friendly competition to see which four-legged Global News canine will win the day. The competitors are Mike Arsenault and Cookie; Ross Hull along with one of the Canadian Bros, Louie; Anthony Farnell and Storm the Weather Dog, and, last but not least, it’s Jennifer Valentyne and Dixie. 

Both episodes were filmed before the pandemic — that’s why there’s no physical distancing.

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To set up the course and help guide both pets and people is Renee Devilliers, owner of All About Dogs in Toronto. 

“Agility is actually a very natural thing for dogs to do. It incorporates some hunting instincts — chasing, running — so when people learn to play agility with their dogs, they’re actually learning more about their dogs,” Devilliers said.

Farnell picked his pooch to come out on top.

“Storm has been the top dog here for close to a decade and that’s not going to change,” Farnell said. 

Arsenault claimed youth and good looks are on his and Cookie’s side: “Whatever happens here, the important thing is we are the youngest and the cutest.”

Hull’s focus was on social media popularity. “We’re pretty low key heading into this but Louie does have more social media followers than Anthony and Storm combined.” 

Valentyne dealt with some challenges before the competition was underway.

“Miss Dixie is a puker, yes, we had a little accident on the way here,” she said. “We’re not off to a good start but that’s OK — the empty stomach might work well for her.”

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After the talk is over, competition is finally underway on the 13-part course that includes hurdles, pipe tunnels, an A-frame and a dog walk. Devilliers claims she designed an easy course but Valentyne, Hull, and Arsenault and their furry sidekicks all struggle mightily.

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But it was a cakewalk for Storm and Farnell.

This is a two-part series, though. The next challenge is a pageant complete with music costumes, and dance moves. 

Mike Arsenault is the host of Global News Weekend. Ross Hull is the meteorologist for Global News at 11.

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