Summerland woman makes difference in Africa

What started out as a Summerland woman’s idea has turned into a charity that is gathering major momentum, and changing the lives of thousands of people in Tanzania, Africa.

From sponsoring children, to donating books and sports equipment, to improving hospitals, the one person project is all about one community helping another.

Summerland’s Brenda Lowe has made three visits to the impoverished African city of Tanzania, her first time was in 2006 with World Vision.

Fuelled with a passion to help the people work their way out of poverty, she formed an organization called "The One Person Project".

The name came from a favourite saying, “to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world”.

“We can’t save the world, we can’t save all of Africa, but if we pick one spot, and pool all of our resources from our community and extend to their community we can make a difference in that community,” says Lowe.

The one person project has a long list of initiatives underway. Much of it centers on a shipping container sitting in the Penticton Wal-Mart parking lot

It started as a place to collect books for the children, adults, and teachers. Then the container itself became part of the plan.

“This crate itself will become a library when it gets to Africa,” says Lowe. “It’ll be turned into a building and they’ll be doing that work themselves."

The crate is nearly full, not just with tens of thousands of books, but hospital equipment, sports equipment, uniforms, and even sewing machines.

Lowe hopes Okanagan residents won’t limit their help to donating goods.

She believes they can also use their skills, expertise, and ideas, to help the people of Kahama in Tanzania have a brighter future.

The one person project still needs about $5,000 to send the shipping container to Tanzania at the end of January. If you would like to help you visit their website.


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